About Me - Little Sister Artisan Product Maker

I was born and raised in the Yakima Valley and have a history in Graphic Design, Photography and the beer industry.  

Like a lot of people COVID changed my life and I was faced with doing something different at the age of 40.  It was a definite turning point and I couldn't imagine not doing something creative.  It took a long time but I learned the art of making cold process soap and built my skills until I felt confident that I could share my soap with the world!

I make everything with my customers' wants in mind and like actively working and engaging with you to deliver products you want to use.  Contact me about handmade custom soap requests!  I want to make you the best bar soap I possibly can!

Little Sister Artisan Products is a black/woman owned business. 

Pacific Northwest - Yakima Made

I am SO proud to be from the Pacific Northwest and based out of Yakima, Washington.  We support local and hope you will too!

I love doing projects with other Yakima Valley creators and when I get the chance I will always pursue the opportunity to use those ingredients in my soap!